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At SwimEasy, we offer a flexible, progressive swim programme designed to help swimmers achieve their potential at every ability stage. By providing your child with the best trained swimming instructors, your child will benefit from the highest quality swimming lessons in Glasgow.

Expert Teachers
Your child will learn to swim with the most experienced swimming teachers in Glasgow, Scotland. Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, including current and former competitive swimmers.
Our Classes
At SwimEasy, we aim to deliver lessons in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, keeping each class small to ensure your child receives the best attention of our swimming teachers.
Passport To Success
At SwimEasy, we use a unique 'Passport' system that guides your child through every stage of our programme, outlining all the skills necessary to accomplish each level.
Why SwimEasy?
Swimming is a Journey: Our Teaching Methodology
Designed by Swimming Professionals
Passionate Teachers that Make a Difference
Learning Through Achievement: The SwimEasy Passport
Quality Standard Monitoring and Supervision

We believe that your child is more than just a number and deserves to achieve their full potential in the water, no matter their age or experience level. At SwimEasy, you child will be taught proper swimming technique from their very first strokes in the water. With over 20 years in the industry, our proven methodology ensures your child will progress in every lesson.

Learning to become a safe and confident swimmer only happens through a proven and effective methodology delivered by teachers that care about your child’s advancement. Both our teachers and progress advisors are experienced professionals trained to focus on your child as an individual.

Your child isn’t just a space in a class and we focus on providing an experience that makes a difference. We implement a low student to teacher ratio, ensuring each and every swimmer gets proper attention and help throughout their time with us.

We believe that learning how to swim is a journey without a start or stop. That’s why we deliver a progressive rolling programme throughout Glasgow in which your child will move from one stage to the next as and when they are ready, not just at the end of a term.

Successful swimming tuition must be underpinned by a proven teaching methodology. Your child deserves to be provided with a framework that will give them skills, experiences and benefits that they can enjoy for life. At SwimEasy, we have been delivering a multi-faceted programme delivered in 40-minute lessons for over 20 years – your child will receive lessons from experienced teachers backed by a proven system.

Your child is the emphasis of our teaching, not the other way around. SwimEasy’s progress pathway is fluid and built around the swimmer’s strengths and abilities, rather than being based on a rigid class environment. This means your child is given individual and tailored attention, maximising both learning and enjoyment in the water.

Swimmers deserve a programme that has been created and developed by swimming professionals who have worked in the sport for several decades. We have refined our process to implement the best swimming technique and teaching methods, we’ve hired the best teachers in Scotland, and we continually strive to help swimmers improve. As a result, many of our students have gone on to compete at the very highest level, including the Commonwealth Games and World Championships.

We also believe that our lessons can provide long-term benefits that go beyond swimming alone. For example, we emphasise building confidence and fulfilling potential in a fun environment, skills that have helped our students go on to enjoy a variety of other sports such as waterpolo, surfing, wakeboarding, and even rugby!

Your child deserves teachers that care about them as individuals. At SwimEasy, our teachers and progress advisors work together closely to identify a swimmer’s strengths, honing in on their individual capabilities and ensuring their potential is realised.

SwimEasy is not about ticking boxes and moving a swimmer along; our focus is on giving each student a tailored experience that makes a difference. That’s why our teachers ensure each and every student is treated individually, allowing for optimal progression within each 40-minute lesson.

We believe in teachers who are passionate about teaching you child and also highly qualified to deliver efficient and safe swimming tuition. Many of our teachers are active or former competitive swimmers and graduates of the SwimEasy programme themselves. Both our teachers and progress advisors hold an ASA Level 1 or 2 Certificate for Teaching Swimming. In addition, our staff members are individually vetted through Enhanced Disclosure Scotland.

The unique SwimEasy Passport system ensures students progress at a pace suitable to them, with each term bringing new skills and increased confidence. Teachers and progress advisors will give your child a platform on which they can continually build; each swimmer’s development is carefully tracked and adapted to suit the individual.

We believe that children should be rewarded for their achievements as they progress through our classes. Each swimmer is awarded a sticker for completing a skilll. On completion of a stage your child will be awarded with a promotion certificate and swim hat.

Your child’s continual progress and enjoyment in the water are amongst SwimEasy’s primary concerns. We believe in the importance of maintaining and improving our teaching standards on a regular basis.

We employ a rigorous system where teachers, progress advisors, and members of staff work together to ensure children are provided with the teaching they deserve. SwimEasy delivers a regular training and education programme to guarantee that we are always at the forefront of the latest developments within the sport. Continuous Professional Development of our teachers is key to the success of your child’s performance.

Our teachers are not only given internal training but also the opportunity to progress through the national governing body’s swimming teacher certification programme. At SwimEasy, we believe in developing well-rounded teaching staff, thereby delivering the best swimming tuition available to children in Scotland.

At SwimEasy, we deliver a flexible and progressive swimming lessons programme designed to teach your child to swim through step-by-step learning, so they can progress through each ability stage at their own pace.
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SwimEasy prides itself on being Scotland's market leader in the teaching of swimming, with a uniquely designed programme that allows your child to progress through each stage with ease.

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