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Swimming is a skill which will stick with children as they grow old, whether it’s needed for safety or leisure. That’s why we strongly aim to make our swimming lessons easy, enjoyable and effective.

Children learn easily through our minimum manipulation method of teaching, wherein our teachers are in the water with the children. This helps to boost the child’s confidence and allows them to feel the correct body positions. Plus, our teachers get to demonstrate their excellent skills for children to visually learn.

In order to make the lessons effective, we run our lessons with small class numbers for forty minutes. This ensures that children are learning in a relaxed environment and truly making the most of their time in the water.

Learning should be a fun and enjoyable experience, which is why we focus on teaching children how to swim through games and circuits as well as the more traditional methods.

In SwimEasy lessons, you truly notice a difference in teaching standards because we carefully select our teachers with a background in the sport of swimming, including former competitive elite athletes, parents and teachers.


When it comes to teaching children swimming, your child’s safety is most important to us.

As well as ensuring that your child is safe in the water, we will actively educate them on proper behaviour around the pool, like how to get in safely and what to do in the event of an emergency.


Regular and consistent staff training is one of the reasons our teachers are head and shoulders above the rest. This helps us to ensure our quality teaching staff is teaching your child the most up-to-date methods of learning how to swim.

Each week, our teaching staff is guided on how to properly structure a group of children in the pool to make the lessons as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

On top of our own training, our staff also undergo regular training from governing bodies on pool safety and teaching qualifications. This way, we can promise that your child will always receive the best teaching standards.


When joining SwimEasy, each child receives a special welcome pack in the post, which contains our unique Passport to Successful Swimming.  

This Passport will stay with your child right the way through our programme of lessons, from Pre-School Non-Swimmer until they are ready to go onto competition level swimming, if they wish.

The Passport outlines every single stage of the SwimEasy way and all the skills required to become a strong, competent swimmer. Each time your child achieves a certain skill, the will be given a sticker.

Upon completion of a level, they will achieve a ‘big’ or ‘maxi’ sticker and when your child completes the three levels within each stage, they will be awarded a certificate and a new cap.

Each stage of our Passport is colour-coded so that our teachers can identify the children easily and so that each child can recognise and be proud of their stage.